I need a second opinion

I have a "Flaming Scope ", the new heat weapon that shot from 8th range. I thought it would be a good weapon, but it´s not, it can hardly be used.

I managed to maxed it up to 35 Mythical, but I didn´t use it and I could use it to fuse and increase the upgrade of a drone that I’m maximizing …

what I do? Fuse it or wait for the doubts that they improve the range of this weapon?


If they increase by any chance the range of the Flaming Scope, they would decrease drasticly the heat damage and the direct damage…and it would become only the heat version of the…Valiant Sniper…and the other one…

It was supposed to be a premium special event weapon I heard, so…up to you, but…could be better at fusing in you case I think…

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Truth be told, this weapon is not very useful, as it is.

Only on 2 occasions have my opponents used it against me. In none of the 2 occasions they managed to reheat me so much as to leave me without playing and it cost them enough to reach the rank 8.

I had it placed in my mech a few hours, I never got to use it, not even against the mechs in campaign.

Think of it as less of a “weapon” and more of “Area Denial”. If you have it, it stops your opponents from moving to the 2 spaces nearest to each corner. Unless they don’t know what they’re doing.

So far I have it on and I like it.


Keep it, it might be a good combo with upcoming new weapons

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Well … that’s what I thought …

  1. I have a maxed weapon that does not work for me, it’s not useful for me because of blah blah blah…

  2. Could it be better to keep it in case they modify this item and it becomes more useful?

Should I keep it or give it another use?

I kept 2 of them at legends and used the rest as food… I. Believe there will be more new weapons that will work better with this one

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Keep it, what else would you use it for?

Mythical = You keep it

Only consider Legendaries and below for Fusions and Transformations


It is excelent against close guarter enemies…also as an area denial like Flushy said.
Ex of use:
You meet a close phis user with high cooldown.
He hooks you so that he can get close… you stomp and reckon him… he lands in range 8, on any corner… next turn you tp and scope his azz.

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That’s exactly what I got. I forgot that myself used this trick to another. There is the observation: it is placed on the physical psychologically forces the opponent to evade it shot, getting into the range of the standard weapons.

No, I think.

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Thanks to all.

I will keep it then, although for now I don´t find it useful (to me).

After all, they may do something similar to what they did in the previous version. The missile weapons were dead, until they decided to modify them.

It works great against mechs like mine that use snipers the area denial of the weapon makes me have to play that much closer and i’ve even seen a few of them on physicals with the annihilator set up. I guess it depends on your play style.

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Yep you are right, little fuzzer(cute fuzzy and sweet looking furball,that has a dummy, saw it on the internet somewhere)… if they pack 2 of those… the eneegy valiant snipers are in a world of pain.
But they still need to set it up tho… but paired with rekoning… they hurt like hell.
Get lucky with the rolls on it… and you are looking at 1400 + dmg…and 424 heat dmg… but watch tour cooling they heat you up fast.
Paired with desolation… really hurts energy mechs.

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melt it down!!!

To two times not to stand up and not to produce any thread, I want to ask - have max legends legs (Chromium Crushers) - to fuse them by ugrade or use them by transform?

Advise me, pls.

Le veo más utilidad psicológica porque el simple hecho de tenerla en mítico en vs, implica tu oponente no se va alejar mucho para evitar que la uses, sobre todo cuando se trata de eléctricos que tienen ese mal habito, usar teleport para escapar XD!

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I am quite surprised you ask such a question… OFC use it as fuel and select legs which may allow you to go MYTH in the future! You never know what you get next, maybe another legend novelty weapon portal, maybe Unicorn Portal, so you can land some legends and then boom boom, bam bam, you got MYTH legs in no time!

These legs only legendary max .To merge them as a fusing to lose HP. I tend to use it as a simple legend when transforming an object.
It is unused now because of the excess weight. This is the starting legs. The ballast in inventory.
And [quote=“Mordulec, post:17, topic:8940”]
boom boom, bam bam,

than going and on what ride I have.


Do not expect and do not plan, knowing the trend in the development of the generosity level from SMnerfoteam

If you have a max legend leg , use it to fuse! Not upgrade… later you will be short on items to fuse for power

Its the phys legs. Only to torso or to weapon, about 7.5 K for upping… sadly