I need a new clan like a top 10-30 rank clan

i am a average rank 12-9 player that can get over 50 wins a season


what rank is it
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XD sry mate but you need to be a higher rank if you want to be in the top 30


Not necessarily, a clan at place 30 will have an average player rank of 7 or 8, so a couple rank 10 or 9 players may reside in there

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Yeah, I just joined BTB (and it’s crazy private chat, don’t tell anyone I said so :wink:) and they took me, I’m usually from rank 7-9.

Also, Mech Corp used to be in the top 20 and we had some rank 15 people (one or two, then a scattered 4 or so rank 13-10, then mostly rank 10-6 and a few rank 5-1 people)


I’m telling you to lake >:(

telling who to lake???

Rank right now is 13 but only because it has a rank 18 lol

I bet it’s just a joke.

ill join at season end probably

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im in MMM and as long as im not rank 7 they hopefully will kick the 1 person who normally is XD

Trading up. Good for you.