I need a good reason for this

Why devastation have highter heat generation?
it weights just 1kg less than supreme cannon, doesnt knockback and drains less resistance, and also its design its smaller

ill be ok if this thing would generate 75 heat at mythical by its range and no energy consumption but why 81?
if we think supreme cannon cost 72 heat (if we convert energy consumption from 19 to 28 heat generation increasing it cost by 1.5 and adding it to the 44) and we considerate it deals almost same dmg and more resist drain i still cant understand why devastation generate 81 heat instead of 72-75 it isnt eficient at all

i know its a little diference but those little details sometimes define win/lose, also i know game obviously preffer energy mechs but it isnt a good reason x this, at least not at all

Because its name is Desolation and it’s energy independent.

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weird it appears as devastation on my item
yes i perfectly understand the energy free point did u end reading my post?

Yup, and I’ve answered you.

Since it’s one of the few energy independent item, it has a drawback heat wise compared to Supreme Cannon which isn’t energy independent. From your point of view it’s inefficient, but if you’re versing an energy mech that manage to drain you, then Desolation happen to be way more efficient than SC.
Also, knock back isn’t really a feature you absolutely want when you’re already fighting at long range, at least in general.
You won’t find any other reason apart from the ones I’ve just gave you.

I’ve assumed I dind’t had to elaborate my answer since you said somewhere you’re an engineer and you were applying chaos theory to the game; as you can see I’ve took my time to read your post in the first place and now I’ve also explained my point a lil further, hope it’s better now! :relaxed:

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thxs i wanted more a confirmation x my though heehee and u give me that

so basically the 6 “extra cost” r just x being energy free? well if it could drain 12 instead of 10 i wouldnt have anything to complaing
ehem its just that i felt it wasnt enought reason to give a weapon more cost
i use both on different mechs btw theyre just different strategies but i feeled this cost was highter by no other reason

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