I need a good clan with a cool name and at least in the top 200s


I need a good and decent clan. I’m level 88 and take my time to farm and upgrade. I have myth brutality and legendary lvl.40 devouring paws. I’m a heat mech and my strategy is to get my opponents close to cooldown, them slam them with heat bomb. So yeah, I need a pretty good clan to fight the titan please. Thanks.


Try Trolls Fast. Top 4 clan.



Tiny prob. I’m only rank 12


ок я тебе приму тока какой ти ранг


hmm maybe if u get to rank 11 i’ll invite u to my clan 41st in the world has killed all titans so far

but im kinda strict





If you look up there is no suck thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Now i’m rank 11. stupid20characters


hey im sorry but my clan is curently full


kick your worst member. simple


but but but i think theyre better than u


go on global chat, ok


If you’re above rank 7, you have no chance of joining a top 100 clan. Join us friendly forumers Galactica instead! We accept members of all shapes and sizes.


if ure above rank 7 ure in top 50 clans mindblown


whats ure in game name


I rank 9-7… Right now 7


wanna join?