I need a good active clan to join i am rank 10 and i am active

im rank 10 and am active i just need a equally good clan

Clan wise, I don’t think my clan would be good. I sometimes go to rank 8 and 9, but there are a few rank 11 and 12. (One 13 I think) The leader is rank 12 - 10, but that’s because of the new update of the Only 2v2 battle thing. So, if you want you can join, but I don’t recommend it. (Even though I am in the clan.)

Once again , there is no point in a clan if you cant make it top 10

Well, if you can join a clan around the top 100 (like I somehow did before), you can get pretty much free gold, fuel and tokens lmao


whats the points thing cause if its higher then my current clan then ill join

my last clan become number 9 in just 2 months, Ghost division ultra

and then you left it

yeah because i don t want to search clan members all day i want to focus on my mechs

i had that problem, until there was the open option


And now you’re in “The Kongregation”,right?

Yup,im in kong now
Yeah this post have 20 characters

wow, you sound like the type of clan members i need, sadly i dont have good clan members… im rank 10, im online around 6 days a week (mostly 7) my clan is prototype mechs (all in caps) if you want to check it out, i know it’s a trashy clan but i need better people, that’s all

Ok ill check it out 20 charactersp
Edit: i dont know how to search clans directly whilst not leaving my one