I need a clan that is really good


Can I join? I have one or two myths. I am shy. I don’t talk a lot in chat or pm .


This is a joke right?


Maybe they will take me . I am a super nice guy


i think it might be


lol,brennankawamura finally found out how to do a spoiler



Slow learner lol


Oh I just did not I new how to do it lied haha lieing


Very funny winz very funny


I’m jokinggggg

Banter OG


I knew that too changed


I am looking for player around 100 wins per week and 3 mechs rather ready


i need clan !!! good or bad is equal sm is dead!!




You know the procedure.
You were the first to notice (to say anything) so you make a poll and propose someone to walk the res carpet (as we’re full again).


I didn’t know the procedure actually…


Meh,I said that was a procedure because we made polls pretty often this past week.
We’ve had a lot of applicants (that passed).


@Brennankawamura oh god youre still here :hushed::disappointed_relieved: