I need a clan that is really good


might think of leaveing troop33 i dont know yet so i am rank 9 going to rank 8 active 4 days out of the week more some time i also mostly win hope to here of good clans

Without Limits - Lounge and Recruitment



Join Antonio ortega’s clan


okay i will got going to page now


hey yeet are you in his clan


No, he’s in Bound To Black with me and Lake.


Bound to Black is greatest clan


what rank :confused::confused::confused::confused:



Not actually the best, but made of a bunch of nice forum members, and we have a private forum lounge. It is really nice


what forumers are in them


Does BTB still have an opening? been thinking of taking this game seriously again pvp wise.


“Really good clans” should also have age restrictions :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, straight roasts

just like the broadcasts of e1 lol


We would be happy to have you

Ill take it up with L4K3 tomorrow


Dank! can’t wait!


You’re still in our Lounge aye?


I believe so, haven’t peeked in it in a while though. (I also dunno how to leave them so I didn’t bother).


Yes you are still in our lounge, as i said earlier i am always happy to see people like you(especially in our clan)


You guys would have taken me right I think