I need a clan (please)

These are my mechs.

One is pys based, another exp based, and the last one ele based.

I am good at wrecking other people. I am looking for a clan. I am a nice guy.

I am at rank 10 and stable. Here is proof.

My player ID is 16658294.

Recruit me or die in hell.

I’d go with the hell option.

“I am a nice guy”. “Recruit me or die in hell”. Error 404.

I’ll die in hell than have this guy in my clan…
Complete piece of trash…

If you like to call others pieces of trash so much, then go talk to a mirror.

I died out laughing, Flux… Literally… Good point, mate, good point…

Also, last I checked God decides who goes to heaven or hell, not you. Cya, I’m done with this post before it turns into a flame war.

So, you basically came on the forums, tries to get recruited even though you’re very bad, and then insults everyone? Wow, nice.

One… at least I’m rank 1…2. My Rank is between 200-300…so stfu…


20 character limit

This is the real Rasberry @Erik_Huang
1v1 or 2v2 me and you die…