I NEED A CLAN !(hate 15 characters)

i’m rank 7 and im looking for a clan (at least 1000wins/week)

If under rank 7 join PREDATOR TEAM

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GOOOOOD luck there

is rank 7 highest lvl on season or average???

what is your maximum rank at the end of the season

average is rank7 , highest if lucky,is rank5

Clan Metal Reign needs serious players
Here are the conditions for clan Metal Reign
42 arena wins a season minimum. Help with the TITAN. Inactives are booted after 3 days.

We have openings at the start of every season.

That’s gotta be the most serious smurf clan I’ve ever seen, although it’s possible, it’s difficult if people in the clan aren’t active… But I wish you good luck

wym? each player only need like 41 wins per week its very easy too do that

Edit: if clan is 24 active players

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42.24=1008 , okay im in

wait, do you have 24 members

thanks guys, ive founded my clan