I need a clan....Clan....CLAN...CLAAAAANNNNN!


The title says it all, old player, new mech, going to need a good clan to grow up in this cruel world. I will quickly go up the rank if I ever figure out wtf I am doing, and I see you get rewards in your clan if you get a certain number of wins. Well…I can get 50-100 wins a week effortlessly, a lot more if I try. Think my record is around 800 in a week, but that was a while ago and I have a life these days. Anybody interested?



@LowKee @Pavic reckon a spot could be found? I can vouch for him, he will do well.


Yeah, we’ll definitely have a spot for him by the end of this season, if not now. @Rookie, someone from Mech Corp will be in contact with you in a little. Thanks for your patience!


Thank you guys, powtaito, I will have to go with my mate’s suggestion, but thank you for the offer!


Well a mates advice cant be beaten.
I Wish u good luck


But Pow is also a “mate” :exclamation:



Welcome to Mech corps @Rookie!


Sweet that new enthusiastic SM players are taken care of so nicely :slight_smile:

I am not as active as I used to be due to partially not having time for SM and other games, while also losing interest in SM overall.

@Rookie welcome to the reworked SM old veteran :wink:

Hopes you got the pun* x’p (Rookie —> Veteran)


как вступить в клан?:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


подскажите пожалуйста
:усталое лицо:усталое лицо:усталое лицо:усталое лицо: