I need a clan, can i get to top 3 clans?

These are my mechs…
are they good, my third mech is under process ( just to fight energy mechs) and waiting for items like sorrow, crimson rapture for third mech.
I can get to rank 3-2 every week, and i think i am really close to rank 1 too. so, can i join any top 3 clans please??
I am new user so i can put only 1 image :frowning:, second and third mech will be on next post, sorry


That is only one mecha and it’s good, Well balanced, though I highly doubt that any of the top 3 clans would accept unless you’re a rank 1

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Well,there’s hope in llyl lol


Hmm? Why?

first mech…

third mech is on process, has Magma blast,desert snake,desolation,heat bomb,nightmare and grave diggers…
after its completed i will use it against energy mechs only…
hope to get items like sorrow and crimson… thx

this is second mech :smiley:

top one with mercy, and rolling beasts

Seems good, A dual Physical lineup is hard to maintain so I’m really amazed that you managed to make those beauties

Welcome to the forums!

I remember you from arena when I was up and coming. I was ### Destroyer back then. I’m now wwwOwww IGN.

You’re a good player with good in-game manners. You were/are in Kongregation aren’t you?

Good luck in finding clan, but I think top clans are looking for R1’s

Try @grosboss from LLYL though. He’s a nice guy :slightly_smiling_face:


Sad to say that kongregation clan is down, thx Mr.E
i talked with happy poopers and grossbite too, i think happy accepted me, he said" i will try and make spot" but he didn’t reply after that :frowning:

i am rank 2 players too

i think i will get to rank 1 soon…
thank you

90 wins last week, by me alone

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What happened with the clan? Maybe make a new one with same players?

From what I could get from the remaining Kong players. It seemed their clan leader quit, quite a few of their members also wanted to move to different clans and some like the leader were tired of the game. (This is all I know currently from asking them).

It sucks that The Kongregrations core members are gone. They were the first major Kong clan I watched grow since I’ve started playing sm. :confused:

Hope the best for them all though


The leader- BrandOP left us with the clan, himself quitting the game.
must say he is taking break( he didn’t give us clear information). He said he will now close the clan but he will not be able to manage it and hasn’t connected since then.

we members of the clan decided to run the clan without the leader but… 2 players trafalgar( most wins maker) and nightfox (one of the strongest) left the clan.I started doing 90-100 wins each day but it was all useless. More players started quitting, so i at once knew this clan is now no more. Feel too sad for our leader, he was a good player, good leader and my best friend :frowning:
so, now i am searching for clans, first i decided to go to new clans but i didn’t feel like staying in new clans because i have the habit of staying with top players and i can get to learn with them… so i am trying to get to top clans but… no one wants me in top clan …sad.
My friend Cornite is a top player #19 last week, u guys may want him, if so plz tell me i will let him know, sorry
thank you

sorry, he said he will not close the clan

hehe, i was happy in kongregation if i were in kongregation right now i wouldn’t be asking for clans :smiley:

making new clan with same players?
sorry , i tried that too, but none players came cuz each of them had their own reason not to come.

Just hang tight for a while, maybe something will come up.

Sorry to hear about your situation. Quite a few players I liked from Kong. Just one I don’t.

Cupid and I used to chat a lot in battle. Great player!

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