I need a active Clan

I really want to join clan wars.
I participate in clan wars and titan.
I range from ranks 10 to 7
I am active at least 6 hours everyday

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I’d happily have you in clan MechWreck if you’re interested?

Currently in position 68, and need to boot someone out which will free a space.

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why do you need to boot someone out?

Inactivity for 7 days without pre-posting a reason.

If I’m told that someone is going off-game for x days then I have no problem, but unfortunately a lot of players just seem to come online every so often, claim all the clan prizes and disappear again.


Yeah ill join Whats the name.

MechWreck, will need to send an invite.

Let me know when you’re on chat - easiest way to do it.

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You on