I Miss those campaign suprise GOD mode, and Invisible mech battles


I Miss those campaign surprise GOD mode, and Invisible mech battles. They just pop up in your screen randomly, and you choose to battle them or not. That be awesome to bring it back. Please think about it? Thank you.


I totaly miss it of course.

How about this…once you bet em,you will get fortune.


That sounds cool.

It actually took me a long time to actually beat that GOD Mode. That was an achievement that was cool. From then on, I won every time. :smiley:


i miss them too
i wish they brought them back

tho i also which you got a guaranteed legendary (and of course that would mean the lvls appear rarely and are a bit hard too beat, but not too much… maybe max epic to beat or close to that much strength?)


Miss those too.

My fave challenge was the Invisible mech, because you have no idea what kind of weapons it will have which is a really nice surprise.

And not only that, you can’t check the weapons range so you just have to stand and shoot. It’s a situation where ‘Who deals the most damage wins’.