I made it to rank 6


Finally now I have to get to rank 5. How much harder is it to get to rank 5 as it was to get to rank 6?


:grinning::postal_horn: Congrats! :postal_horn::grinning:


Max the Protector you got, and you’ll easily make R2 eventually.

Send a pic of your mech and module setup. Maybe I can tell you what you need to make it further.

I played you yesterday on my sons account LOL


Thank you very much i have tried multiple times to get to it and finally



Max the protector quick. Dump out 1 Epic plate.

Next, dump out the energy engine and max up 3 heat engines to legendary. Then myth them one by one.

You have a R2/3 mech right there.

Once the engines are maxed myth, you only need 2. You can then add in teleport. It’s essential for physicists.


And i also just got a second epic lvl1 energy engine

I am guessing i shouldn’t use it right.


You have 2 annihilations to have a chance against energy, but rather focus on heat and physical mechs. Plus you’ll have the protector which will nerf a lot of energy weapons.


okay thanks it will help me a lot


P.S. I dislike physicists, they gave me a very hard time in R5/4, but I’m over that now.

Expect a lot of completion with similar builds right up to R3. The Protector will give you a definite advantage though. You got probably the single best item in the game.

If there is anything that got me to a steady R1, it was that.


Thanks i will try and max it out very fast.


lucky… it is going to take me a millennium to get to rank 6. let alone rank 1.


especially when I can keep my account for once that is @_@


Get ready to face me :smiling_imp:


Haha what is your ign


Worst player of the world


okay thanks i will look for you


I finally made it as well! However my mech isn’t good enough to stay here yet.


Congrats…but getting to rank 5 is pretty hard…I am stuck at rank 6


im stuck at rank 12 :cry: