I would like Supermech thanking for creating this…disaster(i’ve meant 2v2).Now i have no problem just because everyone has sec low mech…Just look at mine.

As alway’s…god bless you!

Srsly i am happy alot…


Wtf is this armory thing guys?? @Transcendant @L4K3


Kill me.
It’s an item’s that allow’s you to unlock if you are better like…
If you are rank 15 it will unlock you armory level 5
You don’t have that.Idk why…report to @Sarah247 if you want.


Still didnt understand.
Btw congrats mate well done and way to go for the ranking


Ah thank’s! :smiley:
Tried to unlock that thing for god
I am soo hapy for also reaching rank 10 for more good prises!


It’s sorta like a collection book. It shows you every item in the game at each tier (epic/leg/myth etc). And you can unlock each new “level” of it by doing things such as pvp, getting said items etc.

It’s a WIP feature that is only seen on newer accounts. I don’t know for sure if they’ve rolled it out yet for everyone. But yeah, hopefully when they do, Sarah/Mohadib will fill us in on all the other details.


Thank you for explaining @Transcendant
My English is bad sometime’s.


Not a problem, always happy to help!


Thanks good pal… sweet but useless


Not usless.If you want myth then you need to unlock them.
But if you talk about old one then mkay.


Pretty much, but nifty if you wanna see new item stats without maxing them out incase they’re trash cough Grave Diggers Cough


AYY i cough too lol



You can’t actually see the stats, can you?


I believe you can, someone posted an image of the items from it before with full maxed stats. I think, @The_Yo_Yo_Man since you’ve got the list, can you do me a favor and screenshot any random item there? I wanna see if it shows stats/pics of the item.


Stats about armory levels?


No, find any random item and take a screenshot of it, I would like to see if it shows stats/pics of the item.


Yes you can see stat’s,and pics
You’re welcome Trans.


So this deems Maxed Mythicals threads all useless now


Thank you!

and see Winz, but no I out of respect won’t deem them useless. They’ll still see a good amount of use, but yeah these may take that away at some point.

Only way I could see this being used less, is if they don’t add the stats for the new items before adding the new item. So that it’s still a mystery (which will be annoying).


Im not gonna lie @Transcendant but i love armory level. Because i want to see stat’s…pics and something else. It’s awsome!