I Made Another Account

So I’ve made a noob account, and I already got this:

I mean, I can’t even get these on my main account…
Also my mech for the noob acc:

Noob acc is noob


(also congrats i guess?)

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Bro you just made an account and got a nightfall and I don’t even have one after a few years of playing…

Wtf is this bu11shit

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Also top weapon is now the phys version cause I’m making it a phys mech.

LMFAO, this is my reward for transforming nightfall to legendary.

i also made new account once after two days i deleted it.
new players dont get any good items, thats how we get more newbie leave the game.

game should give one free mech from the shop.
game really difficult for new players.

Not on this acc lmao or my main acc

are u free user or paid.
how many ads u get in campaign

0 ads in campaign
My secondary is F2P permanently, my main acc is currently but planning to spend some $$$ on it soon.

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I’ve never gotten a Nightfall on my main.

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Good chooooice :+1::+1::+1:


I have like 16 spare accounts that are epic/legendary if anyone needs

Me neither bruh

Wtf do we just have bad luck or do we have a curse