I love Supermechs!


such a fun game i love it i beat bigboy


Why is this in the Ideas and Features section?
It should be in general threads.
And the title has nothing to do with what your saying…
Besides that, welcome to the forums.


Moved, but i can’t find a working title for this thread…


Welcome to Supermechs and to the Forums!

We hope you have a nice stay! :slight_smile:


“I love this game (15 character thingys)”


I hope this is a good name.


Nice job, Tacticsoft!


I’m not TS…

And you can’t say Idea&Features was the right place for this thread…


I mean something for the title. That’s all.


And this belongs in either the current, or Off topic.


Cyanine and I moved it to Genral Discuss…where it should be

And I got what you saied for myself since you replied to my comment, not main post…


its perfect i really think it goes nice with your picture


He meant your title.I think


Welcome To The Forums!


Lol wth. Just read Welcome to the Forums! and see kys after it


thanks bro
thats nice


Welcome here.

From 1 to 10 the game is 3. No more than 3.


He didn’t go through all we did,so there’s most probably a higher rating from him.
He doesn’t know of what we had and was taken away and all that.
Don’t discourage him like that.Let him find out by himself.


Or he/she will be someone from the TS team … I apologize to the friend if is really sincere.

Excuse me @Jude_Castellano, if I’m not right (I’m a hateful old witch), but I’ve been burned with milk so many times that when someone comes to say that the game is a great game I distrust that something strange happens.


ok then hateful old which (wait are you?)