I Lost 350 Arena Shop Credit

Yesterday, I had over 350 arena shop credit. I like to save the credit. Right now, I don’t need all that bonus, yet I will need it later. Now I have 85 arena shop credit. What happen to all that I had?

Seems like a nonsense story.

Ah…of course.
You get a full stuff and then you lose it.

My though

@TechnoDive: Nonsense story!..lol… There has been so much stuff I lost and didn’t receive. Campaign boxes, Tokens, and gold credit. I been playing this game on and off. One thing I learned in this game is that when you report something that affects your account, nothing is done. Yet, I decided to report this because the arena credit is new since I started again. I know nothing about it.

@The_Yo_Yo_Man : That’s what I thought. Though I wanted to know if this happened to others. And that I shouldn’t being saving.

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Typical ts bugs.
Just geting max and then losing stuff’s.
Report this to @Sarah247 if you want.

ok, thank. I will…