I’ll just leave it here!



hm interesting :thinking:


Damn , what kind of campaign or whatever this is , What is this ? I’ve never seen it in the game , And can you show me how to get in it ?


TS,are you screwed up in the head?


Yo @L4K3 , Bro , can you tell me what is this ? is it a campaign or what ?


It’s the base, a new feature,only available for noobs/newbies.


it’s the base feature, added to account created within a certain time window, it was well-talked-about when people first heard about it’s existence


Not anymore I think…


A somewhat new feature available for accounts made a couple months ago.
It is terrible.
Advancing is a hell of a lot harder,since you hardly create,yes create items for you to use/fuse,although you still get items in gampaign.MIX boxes and x5 Boxes are removed alltogether.


Don’t ya realize with 200K gold you will pretty much get an epic item if you spend this money in boxes…


Yep,and it was concluded that this might be one of the worst ever features.


What was the conclusion?
that the game does not need a base ?!


Coming to the subject … 200k for an epic? AN EPIC? this is horrible, would it be fine for legendary, but epic? Fucking avarice


200k is too cheap for yellows tho.

Since they can come as L-M


It needs anything BUT the Base.
Advancing is crazy hard.
Compared to just having regular MIX boxes (very cheap compared to every item in the Base),it takes a lot longer to actually progress.
Btw,a common card is 2k gold worth and some waiting time.Guaranteed epic is,as you can see,a massive pile of BS.200k Gold and 2 days waiting time.2 DAYS!


Considering that you could get L-M’s from it,they could well cost between 500K-1M gold.
A full fuel bar and the 5 arena battles could provide you an inventory full of items and around 200k gold,as refference.


No really, bro.

The mix boxes of 32,500 in occasions give up to 3 epicas as maximum.


What he meant is that you can get epics WAY easier through MIX boxes.
Not nearly comparable to 200k and 2d wait time a piece.
It could be an instant 32.500 plus a heck load of other items (materials).


Oh, I understand.


What do you refer?