I like the old supermech

i like the old supermech i can buy other weapons and i can select the thing that i want to buy :’/


If you want you can give TS team around $2million and they will revive SM XD


Pavic knows how to get to the old version, but you can’t play online. Just the campaign and workshop

Some old items are awkward though. That totally defies what we have now.

Most of the old items ( non myths ) are very weak in todays damage standarts.
Like… nowadays 100 damage is almost nothing for a +1500 mech. Back then mechs with 500 health were wow and strong.
That changed when the “god mode” torso was turned into an actual item… with negative res and high health. +1000 health bots were possible since in that time myths started to pop into existance.

Remember how double Iron Shredders/Demolisher markIII were brutal? feel old yet.

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@Pavic Well he left SM. Well WELL. REVIVEEEEE!!!

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Please stop reviving before you become the next Tazitivity. Thank you.

Taztivity was banned for more reasons than revives tho, this is minor.

True, but at the same time he was found pretty annoying from his CONSTANT necros, let alone the other reasons