I like gaming ! ____ Do you?


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My son started our clan when he played the old SuperMech. We are a great bunch of players and a while ago we got to RANK 137. There have been a few of our players just ghosted away and they’re accounts sit dead. We battle each other to help mod our mechs, test new weapons and come up with new attack strategies. Our first rule is to have fun playing and our second rule is to respect others and keep our chat clean. The only other thing is to never feel alone and ask as many questions or make as many suggestion you need to, so you can maximize your fun. Together we destroy the Titans and get so many extra prizes from winning in the arena battles. We would love to have you come in to our clan and check us out and meet all of the members and see if we are your kind of clan.

I need a clan....Clan....CLAN...CLAAAAANNNNN!
Looking for clan (possibly flagged, im a new user)






Hello Hello
I thought you already were in a clan WinzKay. You have really impressive stats and I would be proud to have you if that is why you replied. Have a great day my friend. :slight_smile:


I can tell that you keep rule 2 well. :smiley:


Hi there Darkstare. :slight_smile: Hows it going? We have been going strong together. All of the younger players like my son LittleMur age 11, can feel none threatened and comfortable saying whats on their minds with respect. I guess you already have a clan you support, but if you make an Alt Acct, we would love to have you on board. We go up and down here and there like today we went to 152, but we have only 23 players. I hope you are having a great day.


I’ve already got an alt but I’m making a (poor) attempt at a clan already but good luck with yours! Hope you have a great day as well!


i dont like gaming



Hey Weedman hows it going big guy? I LOVE GAMING TO!!! That is the name of LittleMur’s clan I am in. :slight_smile: Whats new and exciting? I saw your mechs when I was on the other night…WOW!!! They are beastly looking. :slight_smile:
See you in the arena or chat big guy, have a great day. Give me a shout if you start an ALT acc. and are looking for a clan. I know you are in a great one right now, but Alt accts are fun to. :slight_smile: