I, L4K3, hereby declare dankmementos better than me

I want to highlight this for everyone to see it.
@ShadowOfDeath,what you said here is gold and is the truth above all.
Please,let me highlight some parts again:

I agree.
When he said little intelligence required,he was right.
Did you experience the new arena?
Items decide everything,you don’t even need to look where you click.

When he said that they don’t understand that it hurts us…He was right.
Yet we still blindly believe that things are going to get better.
Can’t you see that all they’re doing is destroy our hearts?
I,for one,was left with cold feet and a sore mouth after the 2v2 update.
Then they all came one after another…And it’s reaching a peak.

When he talked about loyal players,again,he was right.
This is killing us veterans.
Take Metre for example.
Take HateBlue for one as well.
Metre spent so much and got nothing worth that sum.
He spent thousands (around 6000 total) to have half of his worth items rendered useless by Reloaded (3000 bucks for some power kits afterwards…veeeery fuuny) then another 3000 (maybe less,around 2600) spilled for something not even worth 50.

Then the last (actually,more than just that) updates…
Did you like them?
If you say yes,it must be because you already have a couple L-M’s that ensure your victory almost every time.
If not (most probably) then let me ask you this:
Was it worth,my sorry little friend?
I’m gonna answer for you as I know you’d leave the same response:
We don’t like this!
We want fairness!
We want to be heard and respected,not spit and left with out eyes burning gazing at the sun!

Well…This is what I had to take out of my chest,for idk which time already.
But you already knew all of this,just pointing things out.

I’m asking you.
You,the good souls that are still here and left disappointed by all that’s going on.
You,who wants the truth!
You,who wants fairness!

Let’s gather and go for a change!


  • #SMRevolution!
  • No.

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5-6 topic’s found about fighting sm…

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2 of which,are in fact mine.
If no one else is going to say anything like and about this,I will.
I won’t tolerate it.
And I won’t tolerate it for others,either,like my friends that have quit.


Sound like Transformes 6: The Revolution.

Also soz im retired :wink:
But still i wish you luck fighting…
Call a duck if you want.

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I’m not fully clear on what I’m voting on here?

Same, but i voted on the coolest option…

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About joining the revolution raid…

Ok i’m removing my vote now…

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uh-huh. and what exactly does the revolution entail? are we gonna burn police cars and shit?


even with 1000 votes developers will sit and watch

I think…

A public opinion to point out the game’s current state in the community’s eyes.
They though we needed a #Reloaded once…Now how about a #Revolution?
(if you get what I mean;a change to better)

alright, I just feel like channeling energy more into creating ideas and pushing for them would be more productive than just generally yelling at the team. but that’s just me.



The more cringe has arrived

Okay man.
Again,you have a point.

We’ll think this through and maybe actually do something.
But right now,I think it wouldn’t be bad to see just how much the community likes the new update(s).


I have one premium item and it is one my second mech

I really dont mind these updates tbh
They are adding in a new weapon, what are you so angry about?

It’s not about the Claw, but the 2V2 update, the unbalance in the game, the droprates, the #SMReloaded, etc…

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I forgot to say that this…
Need’s to be FIXED


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