I just want to Thank you


I just want to thank you for finally listening to us, Game Mods and Game creator. I’m glad the game is getting better. The last two upgrades of the organizing shop and campaign were great. So, I wanted to thank you. Please keep it up. Again, Thank you.:slight_smile:


organizing “shop” actually inventory is what had to be made long ago. I guess making important items like Meltdown Spammer and Devastation Swarm was more important than allowing to find them in your own inventory…
campaing is reliable source of obtaining gold and non-PvP activity now. Just what a good game should have, but I agree devs put some effort into it and so its good, more or less.


The main thing is, the devs have started to respond to the community and address their complaints, which is what game developers should do.

Great job.



actually, you are right
just dont stop and keep improving :slight_smile:


Yes it is good they finally got the organizing fixed. Now it doesn’t take forever to fuse unwanted items among just finding same items in the mess of goodies.


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