I just keep losing by this..MYTHICAL BOI


So here how was it…I did passed 10 rank…i tried to fight…and then this…MYTHICAL boi’s just keep kicking wining me

I noticed how they have mythical item’s at their frist mech
Second are rubish. I have my frist and sec mech wich they are…Normal level.
This is stupid…I can’t lose by those garbage sec mech.


Oh and if you here…pls re-think what have you done.




Wat?..(20 words)…


ok i’m a rank 8 mythboi too


Smurfing or just haven’t bothered with rank on this alt?


I don’t have problem with 10+ranks
O have problem WITH 10-RANK WITH MYTH
They have sec mech rubish item’s
And they kicked my butt with frist mech
Fuqing beatufull


I think they are smurfing.


00 PM


Not sec mech garbage.
You’re welcome.


I don’t think they are, since this isn’t his main acc. I’ll just assume he hasn’t bothered to rank it much.


![40 PM|521x200]40 PM


Yeh you see…That will be me by seing that you have sec mech garbage.


First time I’ve ever seen someone run dual SC’s at myth…

looks dank af


Rank 10’s with mythical aren’t uncommon. I can easily beat full myth mechs with just 2 mythicals on my first mech.


But you can’t beat an energy with only legend weapons

(Just joking,no offense)


I can’t beat energizers at all lol


Speaking of energie’s…i need last words…

I don’t want that beam flame…
I need last words soo i can push them and keep them off


There is a huge strength gap between rank 10 and 9. Rank 10 is legendaries, maybe 1 mythical, 1400’s hp, 350 heat, 300 energy.
Rank 9 is 3+ mythicals: 1600+hp sometimes, high heat, high energy.


Thank smurfers and players realizing they need to get stronger to progress for this.

it’s not an issue for me but others like yo yo wouldn’t agree