I just keep getting them!

Sketch (16)
I just got 4 fortune streak…Ok.

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I know and other drops are getting better and I no longer get rares from them I think drops have increased.

I’ve gotten around 20 every two full farming runs (73F x2). And drops have been debatable, recently got nothing but epics/rares/commons from them. Haven’t see these “better” drop rates as others have been so graciously spreading around.


What are you farming yo yo man?

2 full farming runs and 0 fortune boxes


Well friend,i farm at level 6
Overlord’s den
Oh and what am im farming?
Coins and box
Oh and XP so i can level up for some tokens
Plus for more oil

Holy crap. You got 4 fortune boxes from a non-boss mission. That’s insane.

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That’s what i call a luck.

You farmed in OD6?

You’re lucky. I did 3 full farming runs and got only 2 epics.

Got a Clash drone and an Energy Engine.

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That’s what she said lol

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