I just joined the game

Here’s my mech!

My IGN is TechWolf


Welcome to the forum :wink:

if you need help
you can go to these topics:

maxed mythical stats:

build help:


Welcome to the Forums

If you need help just use the links Rice mech listed above and here is a Maxed Listing with pictures:

these will come in handy when you get better items and start to upgrade items

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Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here :smile:

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Welcome to the game and forum. Hope you enjoy the forum and game.

Welcome to the forums!

We are a cool community but if a flame war breaks out don’t be surprised.

Here are some useful links:

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Welcome to the game and the forums

Welcome to the forum. And welcome to the torture chamber (game).

My tip: If you get any yellow cards (legendary) items, never use them in fusion (upgrading). Show us what you get and we will advise on usefulness. Many have made the mistake of fusing OP items when starting out in this game. And they seldomly return.

Good luck!


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

welcome mate