I just had the biggest glitch

i was arena battling when i came across this guy i stomped him so many times and even at range of two i was still able to stomp him

this is messed up

did you use the 2-range sword? it happened to me, too… the 2-range sword screwed things up.

there is a two range sword?

no he used both swords but the axe first

i could still use my stomp though

oh, yeah… your opponent is the one with the two-sword weapon.

Yes, most swords got a range of 1-2 now. Lesser attack and no knockback, though. It glitched up the range when I fought one with one of these swords…

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that is messed

yep same here multiple times.
When I first encountered it the day they implemented them he swung the sword then literally flew off the right side of the screen a good 3 to 4 spaces. I couldn’t see him but my Old Lava Spray and Headhunter 1-2 space killed him.

Screwed up glitch, break out the can of Raid and kill the bugs again.

lol,but sometimes, having this glitch is pretty fun,i mean not every game is perfect

After the opponent uses his range 2 sword, even my drone has knockback lol

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Its just a screen glitch,it doesn’t affect the range,just the visual XD

Hey everyone,
This is a bug that we are fixing.
I expect it to be released in the next version!
Thanks for reporting!