I just had a very sad dream

travel to a village we do some kinds of stuff like usually and I was bored like usual and just like this, totally peaceful and boring and it is what I have thought in the last night before leaving a weird strange people wearing some kind of weird clothes not sure why came and kill us many people have died only me and my mom and 2 other friends alive I thought we are all gonna die but how strangely in the morning those weird people all disappear I thought we were safe. But… we are supposed to have a happy ending but all because of me not sure why we all die only me alive, alone, hide those people for so long until I am crazy and not me anymore and I woke up.
BONUS. The last moment right before I woke up was OP I not sure why but in that last moment I walk out of the hide spot in right front of their face.


One word LOL