I just got these awesome legs

Name I didn’t… this is to keep the devs away from spam area.
This is basically a rant on why I’m leaving the game. Buckle up, 'cause this is gonna be one hell of a long arse ride.

Yeah, Amateur Chotiya (me)is quitting.
Why? Isn’t it obvious? If not, read the next paragraph.

I joined 2 months ago thinking this game is pretty good, the concept,the items and the general atmosphere . Now I’m just sick of the nerfed updates. I know that game developers need money and all to create a game, but C’mon, this I too much!
The reason why we buy a premium pack is to have some hope to get a legendary every 2 or three boxes.But I have bought 10 packs, and all purples.

The game literally forces us to pay to win.This has pissed of many people, and instead of responding, the editors or some people in the forum flag the post seconds after replying, and the ban comes a few seconds later.

They say that only constructive criticism is allowed. Now I fully understand why.

Well they can’t handle destruction I guess so meh.

I know game s that are just all about clicking which are better than supermechs.(warcliks- go now)

Edit-PS It’s con

Edit-PPS I’m not against the game or anything. I am quitting and I am angry . So are others.
Just voicing a common opinion to the devs.
If you don’t do something about it, well, this phenomenon will be much more common.
So quit the holidays(if you have no idea what I’m talking about , go to the silver box nerf page, and read comments) and do something.


Edit-PSPSPS Post script’s post scripted post script. Even if the devs give 48.15162342 vigintillion tokens, I won’t be back.

I don’t know what the fak just happened,
But I don’t really care,
Imma get the fuq up outta here

Fak this shart I’m OUT

Edit- Now I must go to the guru, @El_Metre and have a few shots of vodka,2 pints of 126 year old whiskey, and discuss the life without the crappy excuse of a game they call SuperMechs®™.

Edit-Im sorry for the continuous edits, but this question remains-
Why the … Is there only a specified number of likes per day!!!
Edit- I am leaving the game, but definitely not the forum. It’s a good place to be, and watch the cover up stories of the team, and also how the revolution will unfold.


I don’t blame you mate. This whole situation with this game is fooked up to say the least.

I will be making a thread soon about what I have received in terms of L-M items over a period of six months and at a cost of $500. It is shocking and pathetic, although others have probably had it worse.

I could have bought a console for that money, and been a lot more satisfied.

I don’t think I’ll be around much longer either, but I will not go quietly!

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Good decision, half of the people here keep playing ONLY because they spent money on the game in the past, and don’t want to waste it. I don’t think even 1/4 th of the current player base thinks this game is fun anymore ! It used to be 3-4 years back,

So Better to just quit the game instead of Keep investing more and more time here which will just make it harder to leave this game.


i do think if we drink 126 year old wiskey… we gonna forget we were ever born… but i am down for that!
I know that it hard quiting, since it is like any other adiction.
And even tho it seems like only a game, when you devote yourself to it, it becomes much more then that.
From a time wasting game, it ends up consuming alot of your time.
For me it wasn’t that easy, but i picked up other hobbies, and focused on them as much as i could.
I even started working out, pumping iron, a thing that i can say easy, I hate.
I also started training again, in bjj, after a 5 year breack, i felt like a white belt the first 2 weeks.
I also started blacksmithing, altho, i can say, i kind of suck at it at the moment, but i will perseveer, even if i end up makeing butter knives(atm i only managed to make a semy curved piece of steel, can’t call it a blade).
Also i started reading old books, while puffing a pipe, over a glass of single malt.
Or you can stay in the game, and actualy treat it like a game, not a competition, not something that matters to you much, this is not a real thing, it is a game:
Play like 5 matche/day, do your dayly, and don’t care about it too much.
Ps:Forget that L-M items exist in the game, and you will be happy.
Cheers and best of luck.

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I like that…
Well after you have become a master blacksmith maybe you can make a seraphblade, chop up you computer while on the SuperMechs website, and upload it on youtube just for the community.:joy:


Seraphblade is a bit complicated…will take some time…also enchanting the stats into it will be tricky, will need a master wizard to do that.
The BackBreacker i can make easy… and i think i would get the job done better then the blade…bash bash…bash.
Also i don’t want to smash my laptop…all the browser history would get destroyed… and i need it… took me years to find all that weird stuff.



I Agree with everything about your post, but there is a common misconception among forum members- we think we are the only people who play the game. And that is very, very wrong
There is a confirmed 30,000 active players to this game. There are just over 100 players on the forum.
A boycott wouldn’t really do much

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