I have too many items! halp!

I have WAY too many items. 359 items to be exact. I would get rid of them, but I don’t have the funds. How can I get rid of these items???
Options that will NOT work:
1: Fighting other players(because I suck)
2:Fighting in the campaign(because I suck that bad)
3:Buying in-game money(because i’m a poor af)

Game Developers,
What will happen when the timer runs out? Will items be automatically deleted? Or will we get to choose what items are tossed?

Fight In Campaign…When The Grace Period Is Over ,You Can’t Take Any More Items but whats you still have will be there itself.

wait, so if I don’t delete the items, nothing will happen?

Nothing Will Happen!

defeat ramboy/exterminator in insane mode a few times… ( it’s easy ._. i used my old myths )
and i have 1100 items -.-

btw there’s no reason to post it. hundreds of other players already posted similar threads

LOL I still have 3000 items so it looks like I’m going to have a lot in my unclaimed boxes panel for the next few months or longer.

Hey everyone,
The team is looking at all the data and will come up with a solution to players with many legacy items next week.
In the mean time, we suggest trying to get rid as many as possible.


Honestly I will rather wait, I don’t want to waste credits, we are already “poor” enough…

why don’t the team make it free in the Grace period

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Yup. Make it free in the grace period. THEN we think of solutions for the future.

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FREE in the grace and add another 30 days to our grace for good measure.

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That seems like an AMAZING idea