I have something to tell u guys

So i got a clan box today,which gave me 50 tokens and first thought that came to my mind is to flush them down the toilet (a.k.a buy boxes), so i did that and…

Forgot to say i am phys😅


Lucky you :smile:
It’s nice those tokens came from Clan Boxes since that one is actually a good update!

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Hell…I was so happy when I got that!
(My first L-M,also)
I had my first phys and I was working on my 2nd by the time I got Windforge…
I paused working on the 2nd phys and immediately began making an electrician :laughing:
Even up 'till now,me and this one drone live happily ever after.

You’re lucky, my dude.

You should build an energy mech if you haven’t already.

I’m very happy that you got it and @TechnoDive didn’t. Such a good news. :slight_smile:


1 park, I had 1 bloodweep, I have two now

bloodweep ca be good weapon?


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ok thank you, I will keep as even

BLOODWEEP ------- (34kg), 2-4 Range, 147-209 PysDmg, -20 PysRes, 3 Uses, (31/31 Cost).
it could work… but that dmg… that dmg… that dmg…makes it close to imposible.

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It could work with a desert fury and a void.


48 physical resistance gone

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OK thanks but there is something with armor destroyer, I’ll try later

İ do play with a bloodweep. To optimize it is pretty difficult; you’ll need to have powerfull weaponery beside to make it worth. Together with a nıghtfall, mighty canon, and a seraph blade.
İ know this build seems very stupid (it is), but man, when you get a guy to -81 or more res and shot some 450+ with seraph or mighty…


yes , but you still cant kill me : - )

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the weight is also a good point

give it to me.
im an energy user

what is this clan box thing?

There are many of them, the quality of the box depends on how many wins the clan have. At 50 boxes you get the equivalent of a blue box, at 100 a rare powerkit, at 200 30 fuel and so on.

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Vs -30 res of nightfall+spartane+void… and 250 more dmg? Hmm…
Vs -35 res of 2 anih+void… and 200 dmg more?
Phis are really limited in wepon use…
And the fact that you have to be at the exact range of 4 to get that combo of -48… not really gonna happen.


cant argue , phys is more of a ‘‘DUDE THERE IS NO TIME FOR DRAIN JUST DEAL DAMAGE AND KILL’’ stereotype.