I have seen people complain about the new event

I have seen people complain about the new event. I do not understand this, they could of not given us anything.
I for one am happy they did this for us, thank you @Tacticsoft you guys are doing a good job. You have become more transparent, you are talking to us in forums more, you make announcements and make sure people know what is going on (most of the time). and much more. You guys have improved by leaps and bounds from when I first started playing.
Keep up the good work guys!!


I agree on that one , TS is getting the hang of the community and take their ideas (kind of) into something good

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It was free gold. Nice event. Thank you TACTICSOFT


As long as we are here… we will always find new things to complain about. :slight_smile:


Yep my feeling is exactly, it was a campaign event, that gave more gold, for less energy.
It was accesible to a wider ranger of player then BB.
It was easier to farm then BB.
It was a more then welcomed event for the whole player base.

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Thank you for the support!
Stay tuned for more events… :slight_smile:


Of course, 100% agree! @Sarah247, I just want to make sure you notice that when you do something good for the playerbase, i express my appreciation and say thank you! The problem is, that much more often you just nerf things… But, anyways, thank you, GJ!
P.S. Any idea when you respond to my question in the “Ask the team EVENT”?