I have no idea what to call this

those of u who have already seen the post. whatever you are thinking or feeling after this most of u will probably still harass me but thats fine. u cant control anyone but yourself and i should have learned that a little bit more earlier as for my account im going to be leaving it alone for a while thank you and goodbye…

If you fought 1v1 you would get more equal matches… The thing about 2v2 and 3v3 there are usually not many people on so low ranks get matched with high ranks. The top rank players play in them because a win counts more for their clan or they are trying to avoid strong 1v1 players. If you played 1v1 you would get matches faster and with more equal opponents.
But asking a rank 1 player to quit for you (spare you) or whatever is asking that player to take a hit in scores a top 25 player would drop to the top 100s if they quit for you.
Why do you play 2v2 if all your mechs are not very strong?
I really don’t feel bad for you, you are choosing to play a 2v2 match knowing you will get matched with higher ranked players.

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it gets me to the rank i want to be if i have a streak

Then why complain? you are choosing to do 2v2 when you know you will get matched with higher ranked players?
If you did 1v1 it would not happen.

i never said i knew that i would fight higher ranked people

You play 2v2 right? You know that not many people play 2v2 right? So who do you think you will fight? Would you rather wait an hour or 2 between your matches for another rank 6 to get on?

didnt i state in the post that i was not mainly talking about the merciless players?

I think you are just trying to find weaker 2v2 players than you… When you get a player weaker than you do you give them the win?
Well do you?

well for 1) like i said it gets me to the rank i want to be faster
2) on multiple occasions i have gave them the win because i was at a point to where it didnt matter much btw i know what i am doing i have been here for 2 years :\

Well I guess my point is either play 1v1 where you will get people the same rank or play 2v2 where you may get someone weaker than you or someone much stronger but man up and realize you are choosing it [quote=“Rage, post:9, topic:7979”]
btw i know what i am doing i have been here for 2 year

Then why act like you have no idea that strong players are in 2v2 and 2v2 has few people that play it?
“i never said i knew that i would fight higher ranked people”

I am 100% 1v1 and I am always full star rank 1 top 25… Why can’t you do that with people your same rank in 1v1? Or are you hunting unfortunates in 2v2? I think it’s the latter

i do 2v2’s because when i fight with my heat mech i get low energy players but when i fight with my electric mech i get low heat players so my plan is to get to use both of my mechs and not losing my mind when i lost to someone with 120 electric

Then why complain? You choose to do 2v2 even though you know you will fight stronger players sometimes…

what are u getting at?

what makes u say that?

Because you can’t make rank in 1v1 because you would get matched with equal players so you hunt 2v2 for the unfortunates that are lower rank than you so you can make rank…
You are doing the same thing as those players you’re complaining about…

I am sure some rank 10 that you have stomped would make this same thread about you LOL>…

and why do you think im hunting the unfortunates

do you want me to put up a video of my losses in 1v1’s to see what im talking about?

once i was called a fraud and once again i will have to prove that i am not lying about it

i have lost to many of my same ranks in 1v1 because of their 1 mech thats good in some areas but in 2v2’s i fight the same ranked players as me but their second mechs arent good

i originally made an electric mech after the update i made a heat mech because i was tired of getting overheated so i wanted to see why so many people used heat mechs so i made a heat mech and upgraded everything to legendary when i did battles with it i fought people with low energy (as i have said before) and i got tired of it so i switched to electric and found out when i did battles with that opponents had low heat so when i do 2v2s i get the same ranked opponents but with one of the bad attributes in both mechs

and instead of actually listen to my reasons you insult and provoke me like an 8th grade child

you obviously have not been here that long if you dont know that depending on what type of battles you do affects how many stars you are going to get

Hey @Rage, no offense to you, but @ToxicDoll is right. You may not be directly “hunting” the unfortunates, but SuperMechs is almost all about who has the best weapons and best strategy (as in electric storage, heat, damage output, etc.). Just because you lose to higher ranked players doesn’t mean you complain - you just try to continue to improve.

Also, yeah, seriously fight 1v1s, because only higher ranked players play 2v2s and 3v3s. Focus on maxing out your main mech, then add more mechs to the battle.