I have come up with the best Physical mech


Tell me of any changes you think should be added.


start at the bottom picture and go to the top one.


All very nice in theory.

But the truth is that to get 2 legendary HP plates, you will have to send a letter to Santa and wait … and wait … and wait… you will see the leaves fall in autumn and you will skate in the winter ice, the spring will come, the cherry trees will be filled with orange blossoms and you will continue waiting …

The same, thanks for the good vibes!


I know it would be outrageous to get all of these items maxed it would be crazy but it was fun to put together.


You can’t equip a dedicated resistance mod (only Heat, Energy, Physical) AND a multi Resis. Module!


Low heat/cooling.
No need for a teleport modules.
You can only equip 1 module of each resistance.
A lotta resistance,too little space for the modules you’re really gonna need…
Magma blast on a phys build?No thanks.
2xPlatinum Plating… :laughing::laughing::rofl::rofl:
No Annih. but a BackBreaker?


It was just an idea people


what do you mean by that


is this better