I have been looking for this for ever and i finally got it

I can not upload the images for some reason but on the last mission I did on the portal last night I got a legendary out of a mix box :). I opened the box and the leg was a freakin Mercy I am so happy.


38 AM


show me mercy(the word,not weapon)when we meet pls

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I can take a screenshot of it on my 2nd mech if you would like me to

Youll enjoy it. One of my favourite in game…

I will try and make R.I.C.O’s build once i get a 2nd nightfall

This one is always efficient. Good choice…

Fudge my terrible luck in EVERY SODDING GAME I PLAY



Congratulations bro, You just got my Favourite weapon in the game :+1:

This and spartan…

Well then… Abuses Big Boy

can someone post a pic of it

It’s from this forum