I have an idea for supermechs


so lately i’ve been thinking about tacticsoft adding in a trading feature what do you guys think about it


No,Trade is a joke,so no.


Another trading Idea. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

This has been stated since forever…
Not gonna happen.


i still like the idea


Give me a reason please.


We all like the idea, yet not for this game. That idea has too many cons. Don’t make me list them. There is also 2 Ultimate Cons…


This is the 1509874th one of these


I was thinking the same thing a while ago, but think about it, imagine that you had 3 accounts and that you would play in all three at the same time and after opening many boxes and premium boxes etc etc, take all those objects (Epic, legendary, rare) including the coins and tokens. And send them to a single account, then you would make a SUPERMECH in a short time, I do not think it’s a good idea bro.


As @Alejandro_Hernandez said, players would abuse for premium itens, so its not gonna happen…


That is the ultimate con. You can make a dominate account in 1-3 days with more than 10 accounts.


Dont forget the upgrade myth material you will get fast…


You can also focus on fully up “1” mythical Item for the main account, from all other accounts.


Exactly what i was talking about XD


This idea has many cons.

Mainly the first concern is how people would make multi accounts and trade with each other.


That was pretty much my idea if a trading system came into play… I have more than 5 accounts… I could merge them all… And, finally, I could put a hysteria on my NRG mech… Plus all the legendaries…




Uhhh…ANOTHER trading idea…Fudge NO…get rid of the idea…that has been requested countless times…it’s starting to get annoying…grr…if someone were to find all the ‘trading idea’ topics then this topic would be laggy…




hell its never gonna happen. though its a good idea.


I honestly think that whenever someone new joins the Forums they make a topic about ‘trading’