I have an annoying friend (worth reading)

who has made me mad for the last couple of weeks. So I don’t want to be his friend anymore, but there’s a lot more to it. So I’ll start from the very beginning. I will not say his real name, so I will refer to him as X. So at first, X seemed like a pretty nice guy. He was funny, and liked talking about interesting things. I also noticed that some people were being bad to him though, so I decided to be his friend to help him out. We got on well for a couple of months. But after, X started acting differently. He started being mean to other people, even me. Especially to me. Like, once, I stated something in class someone already said. Then he said, “can’t you see the board?” I replied, “I couldn’t read it.” And he said “Stop being silly!” And we got into a bad argument. Sounds innocent enough? Well, some of you know that I’m autistic, so I have trouble noticing details. And he knew that. But he still treated me as if I was at the same high standards as everyone else. And the way he said silly, he sounded like I really was that or something. So what I have noticed was that he was actually not being bullied. X thought he was being bullied, when he was not. He thinks people are being mean to him when they are actually just stating facts that are really obvious. When I try to help him, he turns on me instead. I feel like that he just follows me around, abusing me and saying that he’s the real target. But then I thought about why I actually wanted to be friends with him. To help him. I really want him to stop being like how he is now, and help him be nice. But I am not sure if I can hold in my annoyment any longer! Should I keep my friend, or not?

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Be brave and ask him what’s wrong with him. If he still being silly, stop being friend with him.

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reading this really made me mad :v

but not because of him you really made me mad…

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I don’t want to act like l4k3 but…


What kind of friend is that!!! I am talking about you!!!

Being friend argument is non-avoidable, if just because of some stupid arguments you guys… Ha sorry I mean you stop being friend with him, it means you don’t really considered him as a friend. You definitely just because of yourself not because of you think he’s poor

Who do you think you are? Being friend with you don’t give him any benefit.

Because of that friendship is not really a friendship but nothing more than your imagine about you are a popular person(don’t need to be shy), I know there is not a thing call friend in your heart.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being friend. But only when you really think that person is a friend.

-> For short, if you really considered him as a friend, don’t throw your friendship in the toilet just because of some arguments.

What did you hope? You never tell him about your eyes. If I was he I will also ask that. Everybody will !!

Do you know when people say words like silly? They only say it to the person they truly believe.

He said it because, with him, you are not just a friend anymore you are like a brother to him. And brother don’t hide anything, brothers don’t polite but brother always with you.

But instead of being his brother too you started an argument and after 2 weeks you want to cut out with a brother who believes in you?

It call RESPECT damn you.

Sit down and watch boku no pico…
Are you him? If you don’t know then don’t say like you know all about his life!!! He might actually want to protect you from bullies because you play with him.

Then go the ■■■■ out and go sorry him he will forgive you and in 80% he will also sorry you and after this you guys will go to a higher lv: Best Friend

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Me and friend always annoy each it’s part of our friendship :laughing:
Usually roast each other …

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Nice avatar… I mean… well only friend will do that xD

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Yeah he has a 10 year old friendship with me…

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Yeah on a 4th of July a few years ago, a very close friend was mad (I don’t remember why), and he said,“Anyone who says another word gets punished”(he was the oldest) and I said, “Why?”. He was so pissed, he grabbed me and tried taking me inside and I struggled and we fought…he probably hasn’t thought about that in like a year lol. Funny to look back on but super pissed at the time XD


Why he so angry…

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It was during firework clean up, I think it was something to do with that.


Enjoy @2ab

enjoy what?
baka onii chan

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You not noticed
Bye going to play SM…

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Friendship is complicated,sometimes you can’t understand sarcasm wich is my problem sometimes (I’m fixing that irl).The point of argument is just bs,either you go sort em out talkin problems and saying that he shouldn’t give a shit to others or give up to avoid danger,my opinion is to be quiet aliterate and let it be a bit,and yes I got a “friend” that gets bullied a lot at past,kinda halirous.
I’m just an innocent person irl but that doesn’t mean I get bullied a lot

Good luck,like I said be quiet for a month and sort em out with help or something

Life is too short . The amount of real friends you will have in life will dwindle to a number you can count on your hands . Tell your friend to beat it . Friendship terminated

Tell him you have autism

He already knows

What happened today:
I know how my friend can be competitive, so at school today I showed him my points for an english studying website. He thought that it was another thing I have already showed him, so he said to me “You don’t have to rub it in my face!” This made me really mad, especially when I was trying to start up the times when me and him still got on well. And plus, he said that he had photographic memory, when he did not, and said that I had bad memory. So he remembered wrong, stated that he would always be right, and criticised me of something I haven’t done. So that’s it. Friendship’s totally shut forever.

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Just ignore him tbh, if he tries to talk to you, ignore him, if he says he’s sorry, don’t trust him. He’ Probably take advantage of you again

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Sorry guys, but I just kept thinking about what happened at school today and I couldn’t hold it in. I just have to do this, or I actually have a chance of starting a fight!

What I hate about this “friend”

  1. he is always trying to prove me wrong, even when there’s nothing to prove wrong. Yet he always believes he is right, and gets angry at people who deny him. Example: dude, you got the redstone all wrong. (It still works.) that’s a glitch!

  2. He cries about random stuff, and he is 14! Today in the library, he believed people were teaming up against him in UNO because they all hated him. But the same thing happened to me in a separate game, and I didn’t complain!

  3. He still calls me his “friend.” doesn’t sound bad, but… he keeps on following the people who are annoyed at him because he is annoying. He follows them to get them to sound like they are being “mean” to him. He says that I’m still his friend, and uses it as an excuse to follow them!

  4. he tried to force me into christianity. In australia we have the freedom of religion, so I don’t have to believe in it. But he’s like “how else was the universe created?!” me: then what’s the story of god being born? Him: (turns away really angry)

the main one:
he accuses me of his own mistakes. One day, I was angry at a bad teacher. I was just calming down slowly in english, when he said I was angry at sitting next to him. I couldn’t do any work when I was angry, which was why I tried to calm down. we started arguing, and he kept on saying how I didn’t care about how people feel. And he was like “ollie, you have to do your work!” he knew it wasn’t helping. Then he purposely annoyed me by shoving his bottle on my desk repeatedly. I became so angry I pushed my desk over. The relief teacher: what’s going on? can you please calm down? Me: not unless he leaves me alone! him: YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT HOW OTHER PEOPLE FEEL! I was so mad because he was the bad one, and he knew it. Then he started crying again.

So there! I finally got to release my anger. I just couldn’t tell him, or I will start another argument again, which he claims is always my fault when theys start.