I have an account problem


Hey, i really need your help guys :frowning:
I was playing this game some months ago and had a pretty decend account, i was rank one(the black skull i think) and was on nearly on par with the top players.
so today i decided to download this game again and log into my account, where i saved all my data on, but as soon as i was logged in, none of my old items were there, my whole account seems to have never existed. my accounts name was Satan back then, now it is some random letters :confused:
i would really appreciate it, if someone yould help me retrieve my account data, i farmed many many hours for the equipment it had :confused:
i hope to hear from someone,
mfg Sediko


Hey there! @sediko

Could you provide us some pictures of your account? Just in case by any chance, can you please provide us your ID too? We’ll take a look into it.
( trying as hard to reenact Sarah lol )

But for serious, we’re all of your items fused? or literally gone? It may be your griefed or may be just a bug. If it was fused then do you remember any chance of sharing your account or “trade” to someone else or gave it to one of your so called :v: friends :v: ?


No this is what happened to me also, I’m guessing they just wiped really old accounts at some point?


hey, wow, thx for the fast reply, you know when the “real” supp will be here? :slight_smile:
no, not grieved, my whole account wasnt there anymore. i linked my phone to my old account and there was nothing anymore. i had to choose a new username…
I never give away account data, i have a small book where i write everything down^^ no friend got any of my passwords and i never, ever delete accounts :slight_smile:


but it wasnt even 1 year ago, thats not really old…


One of my “unused” accounts got erased ¯_(ツ)_/¯ but the others seems fine since from the new updates. They may have cleared some afk accounts or I don’t know to be honest.


@MochaLust you did a good job impersonating me :slight_smile:
Not pictures needed here.

@sediko We can look into what happened. Can you write into supermechs@tacticsoft.net with your username, platform you are playing on and how you log in?