I have a question battledawners

i am new to the game and i have no idea what im doing
i have 100 blue tokens
is the feature of sending battledawn tokens to supermechs still a thing?if it is,how do i do it?

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Only red tokens can be sent to other players. But yes, it is still possible to transfer tokens between accounts, and BD and SM tokens are still connected.

well… how do i transfer the tokens?let alone get them?

Only tokens you buy can be transferred.


Blues are shown as "bonus tokens " in SM, not sure how you get them in BD though since I don’t play

You could either buy tokens or get them from someone. Players that are very good or play under certain leaders tend to get tokens. I know of a guy that joined a server and when ppl saw him there, one guy gave him 10,000 tokens to join him instead of the enemy.

There are 3 leaders that are somewhat recent that often feed their teams. PLO, Kaen, and ICEMAN. as I understand, Kaen isn’t currently playing and I havent seen PLO around but ICEMAN still exists

This and getting gifted them.