I have a problem with this person


this guy is forcing me to give him my account.
@Kn0Tn0YT is he/she really you?


Please bann the other me. He tries to scam people

What should you do? Ignore him, there you go. Takes like 1 second to do.


No. Thats fake me.
Also. I told that dude to stop trying to be like a huge scammer.
My friend CrazyCrash was harassed by this a$$


Also. Ew.
I would not use Anubis for that build.


lul, how toxic that community


Funny thing is.
He doesn’t know I see him in forums.
And also he is a huge rager.
And a really bad scammer.
I think he is a nine year old too


REAL: Kn0YTViper

FAKE: Look at the chat (Kn0YTVIPER)


Wait a second.
36 AM
Even if I did have one, I would not want this lying bas.tard.
@Sarah either bann him from chat or just remove him. He already harassed a lot of people and threatened to bann people when he can’t.


I happened a year ago … a person was called Ghost …

really hard not with my name or the day xD


Solution for other people is to Mute him

My solution is to scam him to give his account to me, Easier said than done…


there is a mute option


The real question - why are you accepting PMs from someone using an Anubis torso?


yeah that sac of fiber mixed with bilirubin and stinky Skatole( in other non sciency words, CRAP)

When i was playing, he said I am madao san, the great youtuber, and i have 17 billion accounts, most of which are top ranking ones, trade acc,
pls… and so on
I said I dont care, I dont trade accounts.
he pm’ed me and started swearing, and then i said BadBye and blocked him.
There you go.


because he spammed me with 1v1 invitations million times


Also yes I am a he.
I might have revived a topic though. Just caught this xd


I tried reasoning with him but he was such a stinky butt lol.


I forgot that i meet this person.

I fuqing hate him for speaking my launguage for not being born in there.


29 PM
That dude trying to get your password so he can take it?
Some nerve.


Totaly…He was like this '‘Oh but if he lives in dat country…maybe he will trust his own buds’'
Jesus christ do you really think that i bellive my own bois?
Nah…try again.



i met a guy called skull that did the same thing but i didnt talk to him.i knew he was a scamer so i got out.
he told me in a fight to go and privete messege him.
sorry im late::frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face: