I have a pay problem

Hello community i have a payment problem and i hope someone can help me here,

my problem is shortly i bought reds but i cant use couse i bought on diffirent account which is i cant reach atm.

Well longer,

I am from turkey so i can’t use paypal so i have to buy reds on SM even i am playing only BD. I have log SM for my bd account and buy reds there then i can use them on bd too. but i made mistake last time. When i clicked SM on my phone, it logged automatic and i did not notice its not my bd account. I bought reds and refleshed on bd i saw nothing then i checked SM. It was my google play account and it logged automatic so i couldn’t see my id and pw there. yes its confuse a bit but if there’s a chance for take my reds back i want use it. well then let me tell rest, after i saw that was not my bd account i logged out and logged bd account i thought reds will be transfered but i lost my google play contact and reds. after i asked @Alex he said log out delete SM and dowland again then log on ur google play account again you will find ur id then you can transfer reds. I did but this time it logged diffirent account. Atm i have just my E-mail of my google play account and i dont know how can reach that account which i was i bought reds. thats all, if someone can help me pls do

and sorry about if i put this topic on wrong category, i couldn’t be sure its SM or BD issue

Kind Regards

– Babamrb


well doneeeeeee lol

give his reds to me :stuck_out_tongue:


So the reds are currently connected to your google play account. Which is not linked to an SM account and therefore BD.

One thing i would like to stress is if you link the google play account to your SM/BD account it will over write it and you will lose all your medals and such. This is reversible (sometimes) but takes time to fix and has to be done ASAP and therefore would like to stress not to link it to your current BD account.

One method that may work would be linking your Google play account to a new BD account and therefore wouldn’t matter if you over wrote it and this would allow you send them as normal from 1 account to another on BD. (Just remember to do it on a world you are not playing and message the admin that you have no intention to play and have just planted twice to send reds over)

In theory this should work so I’ll ask @Alexander or @Malicewolf to confirm that the above is correct.

How to link a google account to a BD account

Open up SM on your phone

Go to settings

Click on the account settings

Click link to Super Mechs

Register a new account (If you login it will delete your old account)

^ that.

Also, if your google play login is loading the wrong account, simply download SM again but using the google play account that you originally played with.

If you PM me your receipt, I can see if I can figure out which one that was.