I have a issue with arena turns


Hello ive Been playing for a while and have noticed that the higher ranked players have more turns First round while the lower have less. That just isnt fair. its like the game only wants the higher people to advance. just give use lower players a chance. you just leave us lower players helpless…its just not fair.


That’s not true, everyone have the same amunt of actions which is 2 per turn (except in the 1st turn, which allows 1 only action).


Lol… It does feel unfair aye?


What is this nonsense, everyone has the same number of turns in general.


Unless he is killed in the first turn lol


he was heated.


i got it.
it’s true, higher ranks very often open a game gainst lower ones…
maybe loveless made


LeL you edited that, you meant nothing.
Also, usually the one who start first is the one at disadvantage, at least from my experience.


Depends on the mechs too…