I have a good idea to make relics a normal thing

Guys as we all know that power kits can be farmed aka just like other weapons they can be upgraded and transformed till legendary tier
But we have 1 common power kits
1 rare power kits
1 epic power kits
But 2 legendary power kits ,(the normal power kit and relics )
Therefore , when someone is farming a power kit or upgrading a power kit , the time it’s epic max ,during the time of transformation there should be a choice between weather u wanna make it a level 1 legendary power kit which can be used to upgrade or can be boosted till level 40 Or make a legendary-mythical transformation relic which can be used to transform max legendary items to mythical instead of legendary weapons

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Forgot to mention
If this idea is implemented in the game then relics should be removed as a drop from premium boxes and premium packs


You know there is an option to build a poll instead of using likes?

Just go to the gear thing when you are typing on it, click, and scroll down to build poll

Thanks for telling me how to make the poll
Now u vote

There is no need for relics imo, power kits should work as fusion material

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Just get rid of power kits and relics