I have 600 creds should i just buy a myth box?


I have 600 creds should i just buy a myth box? or should I spend it on something else


Wait for a discount. Do NOT buy any boxes with no discount.


when do discounts come?


Mostly international holidays… etc.

Sometimes there’s random discounts too.

How often are there discounts? Maybe once/twice a month?


when was the last time there was a discount?


I’m assuming July 4th is one.


Yes the 4th should be. Hopefully 50% offfffffffffffffffffffff
or at least 30%

Get the Ultra Mythical. You have the best chance of not getting what you already have in your inventory plus it’s 3 items in 1.


Gold boxes are best when they’re on discount. 30% mythical items can yield you 3 mythicals in one box + additional legendary or epic items. And you can buy like 4 or 5 Gold Boxes (if the discount makes the gold boxes cost 120 tokens. If that’s not the case, you can buy 4)