I... hate.... this.... portal

I do it on hard mode… complete it… and I get this sht.
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Oof i did insane 2 times and no leg :frowning:

I did it on normal and hard and got 3 epics and got grey from a fortune box

Your doing better than me… I got 5 rares and 10 commons… no epic and no legend >:(

…I feel you bro…that happened to me once on another item portal, don’t remember which one tho

At least you get boxes.
I did this portal probably 10-15 times on insane and got not even a box in about two of three runs. :sob:


I got 2 epics and 4 greys and 3 blues

me too. me too. is it grindable tho?

Played it fricken 20 times (no joke) on hard and didn’t get the claw. Drop rates suck. Next time I’ll just grind a boss mission and not waste my time

EDIT: now 21 times still nothing. At least 3 missions with no box at all

I’ve done 3 fuel runs switching between the 3 difficultys and have gotten 9 rare 2 epics and 1 common

I gave up after no boxes 3 times in a row, so i went back to more useful grinding.

Worst drop rates of any item portal. I ran it a few times on hard, either got rares or nothing. Never has that happened on other item portals. @Mohadib hey buddy any chance of you explaining why it was made this way? Especially with an item that can be such a game changer.


Well…I farmed it, got no box 3 times but on the forth I got a legendary

Tbh , dont give up , the hard difficulty is 100% Guaranteed to have the legendary claw leg in it , its only the matter of your luck and your patience , i got it after 4 refuels (which costed me roughly 120 tokens)
Its NOT impossible to get it , sad thing is you only get rares and epics after obtaining it ,one of my friend even got it on hard FIRST TRY , just dont give up

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@Sarah247 and @Mohadib any words to it :question:


After a long time of not getting boxes and no legendaries at all with this portal I’ve changed Chrome to incognito mode and from the first try I got a legendary item. Maybe it was a coincidence or maybe not.

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I think if they manipulate accounts, sure not about IP adress, sure about account direct, or do you think otherwise :question:

I think the cookies and cache stores a lot of information about the accounts we are using. And thats why most of the problems can be solved by deleting them. And in incognito mode your browser doesn’t use the cookies and stuff.