I hate everything

Wow. Just finally got a legendary from a box, haven’t gotten 1 in months, but it turned out to be a flaming grappling hook WHICH IS WHAT I GOT LAST TIME.
Kill me

Myth food…


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lol that doesnt help when I dont have enough suitable weapons to transform into mythical

rotting myth food then ^^

Just be patient for you’ll have more than enough of those if you farm constantly.
I’m transforming a mythical every ±3 weeks for I use the ‘‘trash’’ items that only go up to legendary as transform material.
Sometimes I even transform items from rare->epic->legendary=myth food.

I thought those were really rare

Lol I farm everyday it doesn’t change a thing



Wish you alot of Luck for next one :exclamation:


I haven’t gotten a legendary from campaign in over two months .

SuperMechs will die very fast now …

a MEGA popular game like Fortnite …

  • you get a LOT of stuff for only 60 $ (season pass - 60 days) :exclamation:

  • all players have same power (!)
    (the stuff you can gain through playing, or faster with season pass, all only opitcal)

… you have a LOT OF FUN there :exclamation:

SuperMechs prizes are RIDICULOUS :exclamation:
(just a fact)

500 $ and you have a Top50 - Top100 mech.

AND the investment NEVER would stop.
Not with me, sorry.

ALSO the support is horrible, I wait since 4 or even more weeks for an answer from devs, about a MAIN thing in this game.

BUT … easy as that - no answer - NO MONEY from me :exclamation:

There are games, where the customer count something to the game-owners :exclamation:


P.S.: it is topic, because the OP showed exactly that, you get close to nothing, wether with spending a lot of time, nor with spending a bunch of money !

No progress - unbelievable high prices - no good % chances to get something :exclamation:

Beside that all, still there are so many full fused cheated accounts with several best items.
A huge nonsense :exclamation:

RIP SuperMechs


i just got the acheivement for opening 1000 boxes, and i realized it should say “buying 1000 boxes” because it wasnt counting the drops from campaign, just the ones bought in the shop. so ive probably actually opened over 4000 total.
in all that time i got 2 legendary from boxes, everything else was epic or lower and i had to work to upgrade them. making the legendary drop rate an abysmal 0.05%
so yeah, the devs took a really good game and made it suck.

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Tell me about that one…I have basically a "maxed-out mech that I can’t transform (either weapons, torso or legs) because the items needed to bump everything up is SO high (read unattainable under normal, NON-PAYING methods).
Sure sounds equitable to me…NOT!