I had a thought PEPPER PEOPLE


i was think since there are salty people there should be pepper people

i got the idea from this topic any ways on to the pepper people lets talks about peppers people
Image result for pepper
since there salty people there should be pepper people :grin:


That is BLACK pepper.


i know that i can see its black pepper


If it is black pepper…
then why are there no white or yellow pepper people?


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okay then i ma add some then just chill


Once again, the title of this thread made this song pop in my head…


I’m saying…
I think he is saying the BLACK are pepper people…
Even though I am yellow skinned (a.k.a asian.)


I want to be a garlic man then


Get chilli too😜… . . .


You are a dope! It was a funny play on another topic . This had zero racial connotation . Get over to the salty topic clown!


There’s a thing called “Mis-interpretation” ya know.


my fellow friend now no salt here just pepper :grinning:
@Kn0Tn0YT remember pepper not slat in this thread :grin:



um nani i dont geet this
i think thats the pepper kicking in


There’s no reason I should of lost to this noob I have a maxed claw and max zarkeres and a maxed brutality my mechs are amazing the game must of glitched.


yo bt no pepper people its just a thought i had
its not for real
chill out


I’m obviously a pepper person I’ve never been salty in my life it’s impossible. You’re always salty and offensive with everything you say I can’t believe your being so offensive.


ah dude for real though you good
bt yes the pepper people is real its not a theory


I’m clearly one of them I’ve never been salty.