I guess , it's time to reveal it :)


My face , I know , I got shitty items from the last time i tried to open a premium pack , and didn’t get a falcon or managed to transform the 3rd thing in my mech to a mythical , or got a sprtan carnage , But i’ll just do it :slight_smile:


Hot :kissing_closed_eyes:


Lmao , WTF?! , Gay ? Jk , Thank you


you look older than 14.

I would have guessed late 15 - early 16


Lmao , I’ll complete 15 on 25 february , Which means i’m still 14


Um should you be doing this? I’m a kid and even I know I sure as hell shouldn’t be doing reveals.


Nice photos.


Oh wow, you like way older than me, even though you are only older than me by less than a month.