I got to rank 1!

I finally managed to hit rank 1 and just in the nick of time, being only about 40 minutes short of the end of the season.

This is the mech I used to get here, feel free to critique it as much as you want so I can improve further :smiley:.
If you’re wondering why my myth module levels may seem weird is because I got the platinum plating in only this week and energy engine is not so hard to get so I had it before any legend only mods (thus I mythed and maxed it first).

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lucky modules ! :’’’(

Well a free to play version of this would to replace one energy engine with iron plating, replace the leg energy cap booster with another engine and same for the heat one and myth the engines.

Not only would this build have more energy than the current one I have(because it ahs all myth mods), but it would also have more hp lvl 9 plat plate<2x iron plate.

Only downside for a free to play version would be 23 less heat cap.

BTW I’m comparing my current loadout to a max myth one.

I know how good is a premium plating…

I am stuck between rank 5 and 4

Take away the charge + grapple. You might have weight for better equipment.