I got this from the FireFly Portal


I’m… This is…

Thanks Ts.
6 recharges, if you want know.


am i ded yet?


which level ? hard or insane ??


I got a seraph too, not sure how to use it considering I’m en/heat.


In hard bro…Insane is annoying.


There are good drops…In my secundary acc I got 3 legendaries.


1 drone for the whole day. did not buy fuel, since the aisles are either empty or with blue cards. I’d rather buy silverbox for gold than the same for tokens!

oh yes, I completely forgot, I left about 500 tokens in the penultimate portal and did not receive a legend. Therefore, I will NEVER buy fuel again!


Buys Fuel Next Time


I bougth fuels six times.


lol i can’t beat hard level just if i have 50% hp


Lol what rank are you?


rank 10 just 2 myths but i want to transform an item to myth tomorrow but i don’t know wich item i have to transform


what for? I already wrote that I spent 500 tokens and did not receive a legend? I have no desire to repeat this experience!

I used such a sum for the first time (on the portal). on other portals spending 250-300 tokens, also without legends.
That time I went to the principle, I will spend everything, but I will receive the legend - I did not receive it!


jajaja yo lo que consegui fue esto un Malice Beam, que bien :frowning:


Jajsajksajjasj suerte para la próxima man.
Sigue intentado.


suerte ja no conozco esa palabra